Hwy 14 Box Culvert, Central City

  • Architect: SD Dept. of Transportation
  • Division Manager: Dave Dailey
  • Project Manager: Jason Brandsted
  • Superintendent: Travis Grenstiner
  • Owner: SD Dept. of Transportation
  • Size: $1,847,364.00/280’ Double 12 x 12 Box Culvert
  • Subcontractors: Baseline Survey/Survey; Hilt Construction - temporary traffic control barriers, erosion control, seading, guardrail; Northstar Construction - box removal, grading, base surfacing, undercutting, box culvert; Simon - temporary asphalt, permanent mainline asphalt; Traffic Services - temporary traffic control, permanent striping
  • Self Work: Forming and pouring of all concrete structure. Layout and tying of all reinforcements in concrete.

This project includes three phases of construction for a 280’ double 12 x 12 box culvert. The phased construction allows for a portion of box to be built while detouring traffic through site. Over 1,000 cy of concrete will be used to construct the box.

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