Heavy Constructors Inc., is always looking for skilled, experienced, and quality applicants.  We are a construction firm with over 95 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on the quality that we bring to each project.  We look for applicants who are ready and willing to bring their quality to the jobsite. 

Having over 95 years of experience as a construction firm means that, as an employer, we can provide you with an opportunity to grow and a career path that many construction jobs in Rapid City don’t offer.  Having a job at an experienced and established construction firm means having qualified and experienced supervisors.

Our size means your security.  Because Heavy Constructors, Inc. has three divisions, Heavy Constructors, Gustafson Builders, and Excavating Specialists, our employees have excellent opportunities to grow throughout your career.  Additionally, because Heavy Constructors, Inc. is a construction firm with three separate divisions, we have little to no layoffs.  Our competitors simply can’t match the benefits or the opportunities we provide as a construction firm to our employees.

If you’re looking for construction jobs in Rapid City from an experienced construction firm that provides great benefits, opportunities to grow, and a commitment to safety, then look no further than Heavy Constructors, Inc.  

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