Arrowhead Country Club

  • Division Manager: Bob Heibult
  • Superintendent: Marty Leberknight
  • Size: $4,649,207

This project was a complete renovation of Arrowhead’s 24,170 square foot facility. Five thousand two hundred and sixty-two square feet were added to accommodate a lower level mechanical room with the upper level pre-event area and banquet room. 2,408 square feet of concrete hollow core exterior decks were added at the pub area and family dining area for some additional exterior seating. A complete interior demolition of both the lower and upper level rooms took place in order to accommodate the new building layout. As the project progressed, it was found that numerous first floor, load bearing exterior walls would have to be replaced due to the weight of the of the new roofing system. The entire existing roof was removed in order to construct new parapet walls to cover any roof top mechanical units. It was also constructed to accommodate a new octagonal soffit over the main dining area.

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